How to Make the Office a Christmas Vibe

What first comes to mind when you think about December? That’s right, Christmas! Christmas brings about a sense of joy, warmth, and festivity. This explains why bright Christmas decorations are so common in retail establishments and shopping malls.

We could also make the office feel more like Christmas to increase the happy vibe of the office. Now let’s explore how to make the office feel festive for Christmas.

1. Decorations

Firstly, we’ll think about decorations. We can add some red and green Christmas decor to the office, such as a Christmas tree, wreaths, snowflake ornaments, and reindeer and maybe even hang a Christmas stocking on the door to suggest colleagues exchange Christmas gifts. Additionally, sparkling lights are also a key embellishment to create a warm ambiance in the office. At the same time, decorating the office together helps enhance harmonious relationships among colleagues. 

Thinking of places to buy Christmas decor? You can visit IKEA Malaysia or FNC 中国风  to choose your favorite decorations here!


2. Activities

Christmas activities are also a great way to create a festive vibe. Planning a Christmas party or a potluck allows employees to relax, enjoy themselves, and have engaging conversations. Additionally, organizing a Secret Santa segment where colleagues exchange gifts can bring surprises and help colleagues get to know each other better. Furthermore, setting a day for a Christmas Dress-up Day to allow everyone to wear Christmas-themed attire freely, and adding a touch of fun to the office.

3. Music

Every December, we have a list of Christmas songs, and there are always Christmas songs on the pop song charts. Mariah Carey’s Christmas song “All I Want For Christmas Is You” will always dominate the TOP 1 Christmas song on Billboard, which also shows how much people love Christmas songs. Play Christmas songs in the office to increase the Christmas vibe in the office.

4. Treat and Goodies

Of course, Christmas gifts or food can not be less! The office’s pantry can be stocked with gingerbread, cookies, chocolates, or even cupcakes with Christmas designs. Distribute Christmas goodies to colleagues as gifts to let everyone feel the joy of Christmas.

5. Theme and Dress Code

What’s your Christmas theme this year? A white Christmas or a colorful Christmas? For example, you can set up a dress code or put on a set costume together on the same day, such as red, green, or dressed as Santa Claus. It can also increase the feelings among colleagues and feel the team spirit.

The atmosphere of the workplace has a big impact on workers’ productivity and attitude. It also helps to create a friendly environment among coworkers. Don‘t wait! Decorate your office and set up a Christmas party now!

Finding a good workspace for your business? Contact us now! Cube Co-Working provides a comfortable workspace for our coworkers. We will also set up parties for everyone to celebrate various festive vibes and take the opportunity to expand their social circle and meet tenants from different fields.

Learn more about the Worldwide Co-Working Trend

Before we know about the worldwide co-working trend, let’s know about the history of co-working. International Co-Working Day falls on August 9th and was initiated by a software engineer named Brad Neuberg. He introduced the idea of Co-Working to the world through his personal blog in 2005 when he was going through tough financial times. He wanted to find a way to combine the feeling of independence and freedom of working by himself with the community feel and structure of working with others.

According to Neuberg, the first coworking space was the San Francisco Coworking Space, which was located within the walls of Spiral Muse, a feminist collective. Neuberg had acquaintances at Spiral Muse and told one of them, Elana Auerbach, about his coworking idea. She agreed to let him use the space at Spiral Muse twice a week for $300 a month, with any revenues over that going to himself. The San Francisco Coworking Space officially debuted.

Over the years, the concept of Co-working has evolved with the times. With the rise of entrepreneurship and changes in workstyle after the pandemic, many people now prefer flexible and free working environments. Co-Working perfectly aligns with this new work trend and provides additional convenience for professionals, offering advantages that traditional offices may not achieve.

Let’s learn about the worldwide co-working trend.

Table of Contents

1. Hybrid Work Models

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work and flexible work arrangements. As a result, coworking spaces became more popular as they offered a suitable alternative for professionals seeking a productive workspace closer to home. The usage of hybrid work models, which combine remote work with occasional office visits, was on the rise.

Cube Co-Working-worldwide co-working trend

2. Niche Coworking Spaces

Beyond traditional coworking spaces, niche-specific coworking spaces were gaining traction. These spaces catered to specific industries, interests, or communities, providing tailored amenities and networking opportunities for members. For example women’s only coworking spaces, creative working spaces, and parent’s working spaces.

3. Sustainable Initiatives

Environmental sustainability became a crucial focus for the coworking industry. Operators started implementing green practices, such as energy-efficient buildings, recycling programs, and eco-friendly amenities, to attract environmentally-conscious members.

4. Unique Service Offerings

Convenience has become a worldwide co-working trend. From originally providing offices, meeting spaces, and event venues, today many co-working spaces also offer a greater variety of one-stop services to enhance convenience. For example, services like storage facilities, restaurants, gyms, and even childcare centers.

5. Demand for Private Offices Increased

In these recent years, the demand for hot desks has gradually decreased, while there has been a corresponding increase in the demand for private offices. This could be attributed to more professionals requiring personal or enclosed spaces for video calls. This new trend has prompted co-working spaces to continuously seek innovation by creating more private offices, phone booths, meeting rooms, and similar facilities.

Cube Co-Working is a workspace that specializes in flexible solutions, aiming to provide customers with the most tailored workspace solutions. To cater to the needs of many SMEs businesses as well as entrepreneurs, we also offer storage services. This 2-in-1 solution allows customers to have a more spacious area at a lower price.
Contact us to receive suitable workspace solutions according to your requirements.

ARTIFICIAN – The Creative Production Agency which Tells the Story through Images & Videos

In a world where appearances play such a big role in driving business, pictures and images tell a bigger story than words would. 

This month, Cube Co-Working would like to feature one of our newest additions. ARTIFICIAN is a creative production agency which helps business tell their story through pictures, videos and illustrations. Established in 2014 by Joe Lee, ARTIFICIAN have diligently worked their way up in the creative space to work with numerous brands ranging from Pho Viet to Adidas here in Malaysia.

(Joe Lee founder of Artifician with Malaysia’s beloved Dato Siti Nurhaliza)

We asked Joe the motivation for him in establishing ARTIFICIAN, “My main motivation for establishing this company is because of the passion about creatives and capturing memories for people to enjoy. From that driving force was born ARTIFICIAN Sdn Bhd my creative production house specialising in video production, photography, animation and design” he explained.

The idea and motivation seem quite simple and straightforward. So, we then asked him how he drove his business to a point where he now works with world renowned brands? “For today’s world, what we do is a very common type of service. We see videos and photos every day. But what sets us apart, is our flexibility in terms of production and service with our client’s interest in heart in mind.”

(Joe shooting a corporate portrait session with his clients)

Building a business is definitely not a walk in the park, there are trails and challenges that different businesses face in their respective industries. We asked Joe about some of the challenges ARTIFICIAN has faced and how he has overcome these challenges. “The biggest challenge is always the competition. There will always be some competition offering lower prices and some clients seem to value price over quality. We have to constantly educate our clients that we may not be the lowest in price but we are not in competition with the lower offerings. Hire for who we are and the quality of our work will reflect that.” Joe confidently explained.

(Joe’s team setting up for a video shoot on their client’s new products)

It is clear that Joe and ARTIFICIAN are no strangers to competition, Joe proudly tells us about their moments in the spotlight where ARTIFICIAN participated in an international comedy film competition. Joe who has always been inspired by Stephen Chow’s work; wrote, directed, edited and submitted the film. “Participating countries consisted of Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China. We wanted to see how our work stood against international players and of course, the cash prize was definitely a motivation to win. With the long hours of work put in, ARTIFICIAN won first place in the competition!” Joe proudly tells us.

Why choose Cube Co-Working?

We asked Joe, what was the driving factor of choosing Cube Co Working as a work solution to his growing business? Joe tells us “We were planning for a place to rent for studio usage. But once we found out the renovation costs and durations, we deserted the idea. Then we found out Cube’s services. It solves our costs issue, renovation period, and we can start immediately.  I needed working desks, air-conditioning, a good amount of space, a multiuse space for shooting, and on top of all, a very secure environment as I have expensive equipment around. So far, my experience with Cube has been satisfactory. I feel secure.

(Joe’s team at work in Cube’s natural light filled multiuse room)

When Joe first moved into Cube Co working, his plans were to start small and grow his team and space into a bespoke studio cum office space. We at Cube will be working with Joe to create his future space as part of our bespoke office offering.  We want to ensure that Cube supports businesses like ARTIFICIAN realise their business goals while managing the costly overheads that will come with growing the business. Drop us a message to see how we can create your bespoke space for your business!

(Joe’s team rehearsing a script with an actor for a video production)

After speaking to Joe, it is clear he and his team are very passionate about the work they do, especially in ensuring they provide the best possible product for their clients. If you are interested in getting in touch with Joe and his team for your creative needs, you can head to their website here

5 Simple Hari Raya Decoration Ideas for Your Office

Malaysia is known to be a melting pot of cultures and religions, the Malaysian people love to celebrate each and every one of the festivals together. During these festival seasons, a common thing to see is “Rumah Terbuka” where house gates and doors are left open for neighbors, friends, and family to visit, eat and spend time.

In our working space, creating a Raya vibe is also a good way to boost employees’ working spirit and enhance the bond between colleagues. You can try these simple Hari Raya decoration ideas with the items below:

  1. Hari Raya Wall Decoration/Hanging Tinsel

Hanging wall decoration is the most common decoration for every family or office.  For a young and fun vibe, you can also decorate your offices with some shining green color tinsel, the common color theme of Hari Raya.

2. Ramadan snack

Food is an important item to create a Raya vibe. Prepare some Ramadan snacks in the office pantry, such as Kurma, cookies, sweets, etc. The food is convenient for Muslim colleagues who need to “Berbuka puasa” in the office.

Cube Co-Working - Hari Raya decoration ideas

3. Raya Pelita

Pelita Lights are a common Hari Raya decoration item. Using these decorative items will help get the office environment into the festival spirit.

Cube Co-Working - Hari Raya decoration ideas

4. Raya Money Packet

Another common tradition that spans the different races, is the habit of giving festival money to friends and young kids. These days, these packets are printed with various designs within the festival theme. Use these to decorate walls and windows with festival-related patterns.

5. Raya songs

The most important factor in getting the festival’s vibes rolling is to play Raya songs. Curate a playlist that ranges from traditional to modern, with enough songs to ensure that the playlist does not loop too frequently

Cube Co-Working - Hari Raya decoration ideas

Any Hari Raya decoration ideas above that you prefer? Do it now!

Cube Co-working has filled our spaces with the Raya spirit already. Feel free to contact us! We will also provide bespoke office space based on your business requirement.

We love to host various parties and get-togethers with our staff and co-working customers in accordance with different festivals and celebrations. We find this important to enhance relationships and also expand their business circle.

5 Tools that Make a Digital Nomad’s Life a lot Easier

What is a digital nomad?

Digital nomads are people who travel freely while earning a living remotely using technology and the Internet, instead of just working at a fixed location.

The working environment will bring great challenges and uncertainties to a digital nomad. Instead of working in an office, they are likely to spend more time on planes, cafes, hotels, etc. To make things easier for digital nomads, these items should be very beneficial to them.

  • Lightweight laptop

It’s inevitable that you need a laptop for work, but how you choose one matters. Choose a laptop that is light and thin enough to work anywhere without being overburdened. The best weight is less than 2 kg. However, lighter is not always better. According to experience, people point out that laptops that are too light are mostly less durable, have a shorter life, and you will need to spend more on maintenance.

  • Portable hotspot

Nowadays, it is ubiquitous access to the free Internet, however, we also well-know how dangerous it can be to share Wi-Fi. Therefore, using a portable network is the best way to ensure the network’s security, and enjoy the fast Internet. You can bring your portable hotspot everywhere at any time to manage your work, not just wait for a café’s opening hours.

  • Universal power adapter

If you travel abroad frequently, you must have a power adaptor.  Every country has different plug types, and buying a new one each time can cause a lot of waste and inconvenience.  Therefore, carrying a universal power adaptor anywhere will help you solve many problems.  In addition, a universal power adapter’s price is much more affordable and easy to get.

  • Headphone

Since the start of the pandemic, we have adapted to online conferencing or meetings, which allows us to meet distant colleagues as long as we have a mobile phone or laptop. However, if you are in a noisy cafe, or in a quiet place, meetings can be very difficult as you may be interrupted or disturbed by someone else. So get a noise-cancelling earphone so you can hear better, make meetings easier, and don’t annoy people around you.

  • Co-working

Digital nomad doesn’t mean you have to work in a hotel or café. You can also rent a co-working space that has the complete facility to work comfortably. Furthermore, co-working allows you to expand your working social. It may help you to know different fields of expertise and brings great benefits to the company.

Cube Co-working has different types of workspace solutions such as Cube Suite, and Cube Nomad that can be selected according to your working conditions. Our staff will tailor flexible office solutions for you according to your requirements. In addition, Cube will also provide a meeting room, lounge area, outdoor space, and pantry for your convenience.

Contact us now to get a quote or visit our facility.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cube Co-Working

What is co-working?

In general, co-working is the service of providing office space to startups, or individuals who may not have the traditional working environment. It allows cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities, receptionist and custodial services, and in some cases parcel acceptance services as well.

In addition to the normal facilities and services, Cube Co-working also provides some unique services for co-workers. Let’s check it out!

  • Flexible workspace solutions

We will provide flexible office solutions according to the requirements of customers, such as the length of the lease, the number of employees, the required furniture, budget, etc. We will tailor a suitable office for you so that you can concentrate to boost your creativity and productivity. You can also change your office size as your staff increases or decreases.

  • 2 in 1 solution

Cube Self Storage and Cube Co-Working are located in the same building. Customers who have storage needs may connect their storage and office suite to have easier access to their products. With the 2 in 1 solution, they were able to solve the problem of using the office as a warehouse. This solution has benefited many startups, e-commerce businesses, and entrepreneurs.

  • Affordable price

We offer our customers affordable prices and promotions as we understand how difficult it is to start a business. At Cube Co-Working, you can get more space at a lower price and enjoy various amenities such as free furniture, a lounge area, a balcony area and so much more.

Want to know our pricing rate? Get a quote now.

  • Parking area

Arriving at work early just to find a parking spot? In Cube Co-Working, you don’t have to do that! We have covered parking spaces with 24/7 security guards to ensure your safety and convenience.

Sign up now and get FREE covered parking!

  • Friendly customer service team

Cube’s customer service team will listen to customers’ needs, in order to tailor the most suitable workspace solution.

To learn more about our co-working space, you can also contact our customer service team to take a tour of our facility.

Our office is located in Unit 2.1, Bangunan THK, 2A, Jalan 51a/243, Seksyen 51a, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Operating hours are 8 am – 6 pm on weekdays and 9 am – 4 pm on weekends &public holidays.

If you need a cup of coffee to recharge yourself after tiring work, you can also visit the TEDBOY café within 3 minutes’ walking distance from our office.

Book a Cube suite now!

Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Friends and Colleagues

A Christmas party is a good occasion to have a good time and strengthen the relationships between colleagues. Among the activities, exchanging gifts in Secret Santa is one of the most exciting parts. Not knowing who the giver is, or what the gift will be is always exciting and fun!

If you’re still choosing the perfect gifts for your loved ones, check out our top 5 Christmas gift ideas.

  1. Electronic gadgets

The quality of electronic products improves day by day, and whether you are on a budget or can pay for a more expensive option, there will be a gift that suits your financial capacity and the gender of the receiver.

A few ideas include earphones, smart watches, audio sets, mini projectors, coffee machines, etc. They are all presentable and appropriate.

2. Skincare/Make up gift box

Sitting in an air-conditioned room and facing a computer for a long time can have an impact on our skin. So, skincare products such as hand cream, facial masks, shower gel, and makeup gift boxes must be on the Christmas gift list every year.

For the convenience of giving gifts and making them become attractive, the Christmas gift boxes with limited edition packaging are elegant and perfect for a gift.

3. Wine gift box

If your colleagues are wine lovers, why not include wine or alcoholic beverages in your Christmas gift ideas? It’s practical, generous and surely everyone would appreciate it. There are many wine merchants offering exquisite gift boxes, whether whiskey, wine, or champagne.

4. Fragrance series

Males and Females alike, everyone loves fragrances! There are many products on the market, such as perfumes, fragrant candles, essential oil diffusers, fragrance rattan branch diffuser groups, etc. The exquisite packaging makes these a perfect choice.

A gentle reminder, do some research and take note of his/her favorite scent first before you choose.

5. Stationery series
Handmade books, scrapbooks, 2023 dairy books, fountain pens, sealing wax, etc. Many manufacturers launch a variety of Christmas-themed items during this period. Your friends or colleagues will treasure these items.

Event parties in a company are important as it is a chance to improve the team spirit. Through games and chats, we can get to know each other whom we don’t usually contact.

Looking for a joyful workspace? Welcome to Cube Co-Working today! We have prepared a variety of interesting activities for our co-workers to participate in, we also provide an opportunity for our co-workers to meet each other from different companies. Therefore, they can take this opportunity to expand their business social circle.

Get FREE and FLEXIBLE workspace solutions from us today! Contact us now!

Best Indoor Plants to Freshen Up Your Office Space

As mentioned in the previous article, indoor plants bring numerous benefits to the workplace. For instance, they are stress-relieving, can help to relax your eyes and purify the air.

Are you considering buying one for your office? Here’re the five best 5 indoor plants that are easy to take care of and make the perfect decoration.

  • Heart-leaf Philodendron

Heart-leaf Philodendron (a.k.a. Romantic Heart-shaped Leaves). In addition to its lovely appearance, Heart-leaf Philodendron is easy to take care of. It is also good to reduce carbon dioxide in your room, and it is a plant that can still open its stomata under a high carbon dioxide environment. It is very suitable for the office, meeting room and living room, and other indoor spaces.

  • Pothos Aurea

Pothos Aurea is the most common and popular plant among all plants since it is so easy to grow. It can grow in any condition, and its insect pest resistance is also strong. Therefore, Pothos Aurea is not easy to get sick, and we often describe it as a long-life plant. It is always recommended for planting beginners!

  • Bamboo

Did you know that bamboo represents luck in Chinese culture? It is always the first choice of gift for a new office. Bamboo is also the most eye-catching space decoration and is easy to take care of. Moreover, it is a slow-growing foliage plant that can survive even in low-light spaces.

  • Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (a.k.a. ZZ Plant) is considered “the most trouble-free indoor plant”. You only need to water it once every two weeks. It would not die away even if you are not in the office for weeks. It grows vertically and dense, its green leaves always make the environment look vibrant.

  • Aspidistra Elatior

Aspidistra Elatior is known as Cast Iron Plant. It can grow up to 1-2 feet high, so it is suitable for a spacious office. It grows easily without constant watering. It has foliage and dark green leaves that are perfect for office decorations.

Which plant seems to be the most appealing to you? With the help of some plants, going to work will be much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Cube Co-Working allows you to customize your office. In addition to plants, you can also arrange your favorite shelf, replace your office desk, or even customize your business storage space. At Cube, you can have 2-in-1 perfect solutions for workspace and storage solutions. Contact us now!

6 Must-have Items for a Beautiful & Organised Co-Office

One of the advantages of renting a co-office is that the tenant does not have to pay utilities and maintenance fees, and does not have to spend a fortune on furniture, such as desks and office chairs. However, with some planning and creativity, the tenants can still customize the office to make it feels like their own.

Check out our list of the most popular items that all co-office should have – they will make a big difference in turning the office into a beautiful and friendly environment.  

  • Office plant

Having a potted plant in the office adds a lot of fun! Green plants make the office look lively and purify the air. Take a break and water the potted plants to give yourself a chance to relax when you are tired of working. When you see a small pot sprout and grow new leaves, it will also instantly improve your mood.

  • Rack/Shelves

Keep a rack or shelf in your office for decorations, storage, and organizing purposes. Many co-workers will put racks in their private suites to store their items and display their beloved decorations. Keeping your office clean and tidy will help to maintain your good mood.

  • Air purifier

Many people have an air purifier in their office suite to filter out tiny bacteria and unpleasant smells, especially those who like to eat in the office.

  • Office Chair

Some co-workers like to sit in their office chairs to feel comfortable and familiar with finishing their work. Although Cube Co-Working has prepared full furniture for customers, you can still change the office chair according to your preferences.

  • Desk Lamp

Do you prefer warm lighting or cool lighting? Usually, people who work in the creative industry need a particularly moody environment to stimulate creative inspiration. So they will prepare a desk lamp in the office, to create their own favorite atmosphere and space effect.

  • Decoration

In Cube Co-working, you can decorate or customize your office with the style you like. Some people like to decorate their office with dolls or toys while some people would like a minimalist style of office. You can also decorate your office with some paintings or image frames as long as it makes you happy.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or eCommerce, Cube Co-Working provides flexible workspace solutions according to your needs. Contact us for more details.

Tips for Halloween Celebrations in Your Office

Halloween is finally around the corner! Although not everyone will celebrate Halloween, we can still hold a small Halloween party or have a Team Building with our colleagues.

Let’s learn more about Halloween and see what can we do to celebrate Halloween!

The Origin of Halloween

Halloween has different versions, but the “All Hallows’ Day” version is the most popular.

It is said that more than 2,000 years ago, the Catholic Church in Europe designated November 1 as “Saints Day”, and “hallow” means “saint”. Since 500 BC, the Celtic people who were from the Ireland and Scotland regions, believed that the dead would return to the world to look for people and resurrect again on October 31. So, people will place fires and candles on this day, so that the dead cannot find the living. They also dressed up as demons or ghosts to frighten the dead away. That is also a reason why we celebrate Halloween in all kinds of weird and funny costumes.

Things to do to celebrate Halloween

  • Halloween Decorations

The first thing you should do to get in the Halloween spirit is, decorate your office. Use the most traditional orange and black themes, and add spider webs, pumpkins, skulls, ghosts, and other decorations to make the office spooky and dark.

  • Food party

Food is an important part of the Halloween celebrations! Do a potluck such as pumpkin pie, cupcakes, spooky cookies, and so on.

  • Halloween costumes

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of Halloween, you should play with Halloween costumes! Halloween costumes can be anything, such as cute cartoons, famous politicians, or any scary characters, which are sure to spice up a party.

  • Trick or Treating

Carry on the Halloween tradition, you can play Trick or Treat with all your colleagues from the different departments! Go around the office and ask for sweets with the exclamation ‘trick or treat’!

  • Halloween Game

Halloween games such as pumpkin decorations contests, ghost storytelling, and other Halloween-related games to improve the relations of co-workers during the celebrations. Give some little gifts to the winners as a small reward, which can also make employees happy and relieve stress.

Searching for a comfortable working environment?  Cube tailors a suitable workspace solution according to your needs.

Join us today! We will also have some celebrations party for you to join. You can also make new business friends with our co-workers here. It might be a chance for your business.



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