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When it comes to legal matters, many of us feel unsure and maybe even afraid. There is so much use of vague terms and large words, that it is all quite confusing. So many here in Malaysia are not even sure on what matters can be solved with the help of a lawyer.

In this month’s Customer Story, we wanted to feature another of our Co-working member, Ms. Sitti Anisa Binti Abdul Razak. She is the proud partner and lawyer at Messrs Vennila Anisa & Associates.

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She makes her passion clear as she explains her start within this industry; “I am currently pursuing my Master of Commercial Law (MCL) at University of Malaya. Prior to that, I had earned a Bachelor of Law with Honours from the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and became an Advocate and Solicitor in the High Court of Malaya on 4th of July 2014.”

“I have gained extensive experience in legal services such as; various conveyancing transactions for both individuals and companies, handling & drafting loan documentation for various banks and financial institutions, handling Bankruptcy, Debt Recovery, Family and Estate Matters, drafting, corporate & commercial legal papers, and offering legal advice and solutions. I am also adept in the Distribution Act, Small Estate Distribution Act, National Land Code, Companies Act, and Anti Money Laundering Act.”

“Ms Sitti Anisa continues, “Before setting up my own branch, I worked as a legal assistant at Messrs. Lee & Chong, then I had the chance to work with Messrs. Amy Chen & Partners as legal assistant in 2015. After careful consideration and courage, I decided to take the opportunity to join a partnership with Ms. Vennila and set up my own branch, Messrs. Vennila Anisa & Associates, law firm in Petaling Jaya.”

How Messrs Vennila Anisa & Associates Came to Be.

“Messrs Vennila Anisa & Associates was originally established in Puchong, Selangor under the name of Messrs Gerald Wong & Co in February 1996 by Mr. Gerald Wong Chek Fah, he sadly passed on in 2003. Since then, Ms. Vennila A/P Muniandy took over the firm and changed its name subsequently to Vennila & Partners in 2005. Due to expansion and addition of myself as a new partner, the firm is now known as Vennila Anisa & Associates effective from 20th January 2023.”

After hearing the law firm’s backstory, it was clear that they had many years of experience, we wanted to get to know a little more about the services that Ms. Sitti Anisa and the law firm provided. This is what she had to say;

“We specialize in corporate, commercial, property law, general litigation, various conveyancing transaction, and many other areas. The law firm has a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers who provide legal advice and representation to clients across various industries and sectors. Our mission is to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and innovative legal solutions that meet the needs and expectations of our clients. The firm’s vision is to be a trusted and respected partner for its clients in their business endeavors. Our values are integrity, excellence, professionalism, teamwork, and client satisfaction.”

With having a lawyer in the community, we were interested to know more about the experiences Ms Sitti Anisa had and what her most significant accomplishments were. However, she was completely professional and only mentioned this; “We managed to settle a case that has been overdue for 20 years. There have been many more but its PNC as it involves customer’s private information”

We even tried using different approaches like asking her about the biggest challenges she faced. However, it was clear to see, Ms. Sitti Anisa is very good at her job and very considerate in her answers, as a lawyer should be!

“The biggest challenge we have ever faced at work was when we had to lead a project with a tight deadline and a limited budget. We had to coordinate with different stakeholders, manage the expectations of the client, and ensure the quality of the deliverables. To cope with the challenges, we communicated clearly and frequently with everyone involved, prioritized the most important and urgent tasks. We delegated the rest to our team members according to their skills and availability, and maintained a positive attitude and a growth mindset.”

Why Cube Co-Working?

“We are a small team of lawyers who needed a flexible and affordable co-working space to attend to our working needs. We chose Cube because of its convenient location, modern facilities, and friendly staff. Cube coworking space allows us to work in a professional and creative environment with other like-minded people. We have benefitted from networking and collaboration opportunities, as well as access to shared and private spaces, flexible and cost-effective solutions, and enhanced productivity. Cube Co-Working also helps us to reduce loneliness and increase connection, as we are able to interact with others who share our passion and vision. Cube Co-Working also brings structure to our day, as we can have a clear separation between work and home, and enjoy a variety of wellness and work-life balance activities.”

She continues “So far, we are delighted with Cube’s services. They provide us with everything we need to work efficiently and comfortably. For example high-speed internet, ergonomic furniture, meeting rooms, stationeries, and more. We also enjoy networking with other professionals and entrepreneurs who share the same space. Cube has helped us improve our productivity and creativity. We would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a co-working solution.”

So, what’s next for Ms. Sitti Anisa and the firm? With such driven people at the helm of things, we wanted to know what was in store for the business. We also wanted to understand how a law firm grows besides just gaining more clients.
Ms Sitti Anisa answered saying; “We are looking to expand the firm and engage corporate clients, government agencies, and corporations. We are also looking into panel ship with banking institutions.”

There certainly are great things ahead for the amazing people at Vennila Anisa & Associates. We can’t wait to see how they grow and thrive within our co-working environment.”
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