Why 2 in 1 solution (Office + Storage) is important for SMEs or eCommerce?

Yeng Hang Wong
Cube Co-Working-office and storage solutions for SMEs

Entrepreneurs face enormous hurdles due to the global economic recession, regardless of whether they run big corporations or small and medium-sized firms (SMEs). Many SME businesses have started cost-reduction initiatives, such as firm reorganization, lower marketing expenditures, and other programs. They help the business stock down in these challenging times.
We understand the worries of SMEs and e-commerce, so we designed a 2-in-1 solution of office and storage to help retailers get more comprehensive and affordable services.
How Cube’s office and storage solutions can help SMEs, e-commerce, and entrepreneurs?

1. Convenience

E-commerce must often access their warehouses to manage deliveries and check stock. It will be easier for them to work their job when the office and storage are closer together. When you get office and warehouse services in the same place, it can reduce travel and save additional time and resources.

2. Freedom of Space

To avoid paying high rental fees, many people prefer to utilize the workplace as storage. However, this might result in a cramped and dangerous workspace, stacked items may collapse or block exits during emergencies. With the office + storage solutions, you can work happily and safely as well as have more space for storage and offices for your business.

Cube Co-Working-office and storage solutions

3. Accessibility

There are people whose businesses such as an online store, may need access to their office or storage whenever they choose, whether it is on the weekend or after business hours. Therefore, selecting a 2-in-1 solution with time freedom might provide you more control over how you manage your workload.

4. Flexible office & storage space

SMEs and e-commerce don’t require large workspaces because they employ fewer people, unlike large corporations. Instead of renting an office and storage separately, renting a 2-in-1 space solution allows you to tailor the space to your requirements, which is more flexible than a typical office or warehouse. You can always adjust the space according to the expansion of the business, not wasting every square foot.

5. Save money

Wanting a spacious storage space, while having a comfortable office space, many people will think that high rental is required. However, at Cube, we provide our clients with a 2-in-1 space solution that not only reduces the cost of transportation from the warehouse to the office but also provides a number of advantages and discounts so that renters may get the most space for the cheapest price.

Cube Co-Working and Cube Self Storage are open every day of the week to easier for them to manage their work.  Tenants can decide how much storage and workspace they need, and they only pay for what they really use.
Want better office solutions? Let us know what you require, and we’ll create suitable and affordable office and storage solutions for SMEs, eCommerce or entrepreneurs.

In addition to the second-floor facilities, we are welcoming new office facilities on the third floor. Kindly contact us for a flexible and affordable space solution.



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