5 Ways to Help Make Your Workspace Less Stressful

Yeng Hang Wong

The happiest thing about office workers is that they have consecutive holidays. We always start the holiday mood on Friday or the day before a public holiday. What would you do to have a relaxed working day?
5 activities you can do at workspace to make your workday a happy and relaxing one.

  1. Board Game
    Playing Board games at work can not only relieve stress but also keep your mind flexible. People often ignore rest in the face of multifarious work for a long time. Therefore, it is good to relax your mind to have some fun while you are at work.

2. Coffee

Are you a coffee lover? Coffee is the antidote when you’re tired from work! Drinking a cup of coffee during work can make people feel refreshed and energetic!

3. Office Plant

Office plants not only make the workspace look good, but it also gives a way to relax.  When you are exhausted from your work, you can water potted plants to make your mood joyful! Looking at the green plant also helps to relieve eye fatigue after facing your laptop for a long time.

4. Get some fresh air

Sitting in an office for a long time can lead to burnout and reduce our creativity. To boost your motivation at work, take a walk outside in the fresh air and distract your brain from the stress of work, which also can go a long way toward boosting your creativity.

5. Snack

Eating is a good way to relieve stress. Many of us face a difficult time of sleepiness at work. To stay focused, keep a small snack in the office in case you need it such as a chocolate bar, candy, or biscuits. However, we should pay attention to portion sizes when eating snacks. Eating too much can easily lead to obesity and even drowsiness.

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