Does Cube Co-Working Fall Under a Managed Office or a Serviced Office?

Yeng Hang Wong

Whenever we search for an office, we frequently hear the terms “Managed Office” and “Serviced Office.” Although both terms are sometimes used synonymously, they can have different meanings depending on the situation.

Are you confused between them? What category does Cube Co-Working fall under—managed or serviced offices? Let’s see what are the differences!

Serviced Offices

  • A serviced office is a fully furnished and equipped office space that a third-party provider manages.
  • These offices are ready to use, and tenants can move in and start working immediately without having to worry about setting up infrastructure.
  • It comes with a variety of services included, such as reception services, IT support, utilities, cleaning, and sometimes even shared facilities like meeting rooms and pantry areas.
  • The leasing terms are often flexible. Allowing businesses to rent space for short-term periods, making it suitable for startups, and SMEs.
serviced office

Managed Offices

  • Managed offices can refer to a broader concept where a third-party provider takes care of various aspects of office management. However, it may not always imply a fully furnished and equipped office space.
  • Businesses may lease a space, and the management company could handle certain services such as reception, security, cleaning, and maintenance.
  • Managed offices might not include fully furnished workspaces, and tenants may have to handle aspects like setting up IT infrastructure and providing office furniture.
  • The term “managed office” is sometimes used in the context of businesses outsourcing the management of their own office space to a third party.
managed office

Is Cube Co-Working fall under a managed office or a services office?

Generally, co-working spaces are typically considered serviced offices because they provide fully furnished and equipped workspaces. They often includes a range of services such as reception services, high-speed internet, utilities, meeting room access, and sometimes even amenities like pantry facilities. Moreover, the leasing terms for coworking spaces are usually flexible, allowing individuals or businesses to rent desks or private offices for short-term periods.

On the other hand, coworking spaces can also be seen as managed offices in the sense that the coworking provider manages certain aspects of the office environment. For example, maintenance, cleaning, and security. Some coworking spaces may offer additional management services beyond the physical workspace. Such as community-building activities, networking events, and educational programs.

Cube Co-Working events

In conclusion, coworking spaces often combine the elements of both serviced and managed offices. They provide ready-to-use workspaces with various services included. Additionally, the management of the shared space and community aspects may also categorize them as managed offices. 

Cube Co-Working is just like that mentioned above! We offer a wide range of amenities and complete furniture to our customers. We allow SMEs and startup companies to get more working and storage space with our bespoke solutions.

Furthermore, Cube teams host various events and activities throughout the festival, such as a Christmas party and Hari Merdeka events. Customers can use these opportunities to socialize and get to know one another better.

Curious about Cube Co-Working? Contact us now! We provide a bespoke workspace solution for our coworkers at the best prices. 



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